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Planning and Monitoring

Condor enables planning and monitoring based on different airport resources which defines its capacity. Common resources are supplemented by data on other restrictions that Condor considers part of maximum terminal capacity per hour: runways, docking positions, security filters, etc. Condor also contri­butes to better airspace planning, thanks to its integration with the systems of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

Maximize Capacity

The capacity of airports is limited. Therefore, efficient slot management beco­mes a strategic element. Coordinating, optimizing, detecting operational limita­tions, applying the corrective measures necessary to resolve problems, plan­ning efficiently based on the varying needs of winter and summer season.

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The Ikusi offer for airports is based on in-depth knowledge of the sector and mastery over the technologies that make it possible to develop solutions and services capable of increasing the profitability of airport infrastructures, augmenting process efficiency and raising non aeronautical revenue, while improving security, strategic planning and passenger experience.