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About Ikusi Airports

We make operational efficiency and passenger experience a reality thanks to our experience of more than 40 years in the airport business

About Ikusi airports

Ikusi’s offer for the airport sector is underpinned by its deep knowledge of the sector as a result of its wealth of experience, and mastery of the technologies that allow solutions and services capable of addressing the sector’s changing needs to be developed.

Ikusi listens to and aligns itself with the business and specific aims of its customers so that it can become their strategic partner.

About Ikusi and Velatia

Ikusi is a technology company specialising in technological solutions and applications designed to provide greater intelligence and efficiency in areas such as infrastructure security, road and rail mobility, airports and cities; it designs, develops and manufactures products geared towards multimedia environments, and is a recognised telecommunications and IT network integrator.

Today, Ikusi relies on a team composed of over 800 professionals, with clients in over 80 countries, dedicating 4% of its turnover to R+D+i tasks. Ikusi has a presence in 9 countries: Germany, Australia, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, UAE, France and Mexico.

Ikusi forms part of Velatia, a technological and industrial family group with a global calling, composed of a multicultural team of almost 3 000 people coming from 20 countries.

Millions of passengers


Countries on 5 continents

Years of experience


At Ikusi we focus our activity on offering specialized business solutions, through products and services that meet the needs of our clients, providing them with value.

We are focused on satisfying the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, understanding as such clients, shareholders, people who work in and for the organization, society, training centers, suppliers and other alliances.

All this is carried out from the global organization, where the responsibility to always seek excellence and continuous improvement in processes, is carried out by all the people who make up Ikusi.

To the groups of interest:

  • We guarantee to meet or exceed all applicable legal, contractual and technical requirements in terms of quality, environment and health and safety at work, as well as the volunteers that we sign up to from Ikusi. Likewise, we establish and comply with these requirements regardless of the country where we carry out our activity.
  • We provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • We guarantee that they are properly trained and informed, and that they have the appropriate safety and emergency equipment
  • We ensure that environmentally responsible policies are carried out, such as pollution prevention, conservation of natural resources through reuse and recycling, reduction of resource consumption.
  • All employees of Ikusi, as well as contractors on the premises, must follow this policy and must inform employees of any environmental, health or safety issues, so that management can take immediate action.

We make operational efficiency and passenger experience a reality thanks to our experience of more than 40 years in the airport business

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The Ikusi offer for airports is based on in-depth knowledge of the sector and mastery over the technologies that make it possible to develop solutions and services capable of increasing the profitability of airport infrastructures, augmenting process efficiency and raising non aeronautical revenue, while improving security, strategic planning and passenger experience.

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