Condor: Or How to Make an Airport the most Punctual in Latin America

Mayo 2019

In 2016, the RIOgaleão Airport in Brazil, like other infrastructures in the country, confronted the challenge of hosting Olympic Games and the increased number of passengers that an international event of this scale entailed.

The RIOgaleão Airport opted to face this challenge by incorporating Ikusi’s Condor solution for strategic slot planning.

Efficient slot management has enabled the RIOgaleão Airport to coordinate, optimize and detect operational limitations, applying the corrective measures necessary to resolve them and planning slot allocation on the basis of different seasonal needs. 

As a result, the RIOgaleão Airport became the airport with the most punctual departures throughout Latin America in 2017, while increasing its capacity. 

Ikusi is one of the few companies worldwide availing of a specific product for slot management tailored to airports as well as the authorities charged with coordinating airport networks – a solution based on IATA standards, both in terms of the World Slot Guidelines and the Standard Schedules Information Manual (Chapter 6).
Over 60 million passengers have already traveled on planes with slots coordinated by Condor, 37 million of them at the RIOgaleão Airport.