Ikusi and Dimain present at Inter Airport a use case for optimizing gateway management

  • Both companies will share booth 1038 in Hall B5

Real-time management of boarding and disembarkation gateways is one of the critical points for efficient management of aircraft and passenger flows. Ikusi and Dimaim have joined forces to speed up these operations and will present from 8 to 11 October in Inter Airport (Munich, Germany) a case of use with solutions from both companies.

Ikusi provides the real-time operations management suite, Beluga. This platform optimizes airport operations and resource allocation. In addition, Beluga automates the management of airport operations, providing optimal solutions for the resolution of complex scenarios, ensuring an efficient use of airport capacity.

For its part, Dimaim provides its CMS integration platform, Central Monitoring Systems, which allows consolidating in a single software the data of the operational process of the assistance teams to the aircraft of the airports. In the same way, it is also the basis from which the different airport management systems are fed.

The addition of Beluga and CMS has allowed both companies to develop a use case applicable to the boarding and disembarking gateways, in such a way that Beluga assigns these gateways according to the different characteristics of the aircraft (type, capacity, etc.) and, thanks to its integration with the Dimaim solution, any type of incident on the gateways is monitored in real time and allows a new one to be reassigned proactively and automatically.

About Ikusi

Ikusi's offer for the airport sector is based on a deep knowledge of the sector, derived from its extensive experience, and on the mastery of technologies that enable the development of solutions and services capable of responding to the changing needs of the sector.

Ikusi has had the opportunity to validate the effectiveness of its solutions in multiple airports, with solutions installed in more than 140 airports around the world, serving more than 500 million passengers.

About Dimaim

Dimaim's service strategy has been based on innovating and developing practical solutions aimed at optimising our clients' airport resources and processes. These solutions have been successfully installed in Europe, the Middle East and the American continent.

Since its creation, Dimaim has built a network of customers satisfied with the management, technological level, execution and service of the projects developed, which has resulted in a solid expansion and responsible growth of the company.