Ikusi brings artificial intelligence to airport security

By Eugenio Morillo, Product Manager Ikusi DICIEMBRE 2019

Ikusi continues to evolve its security solutions offering. On this occasion, it has developed an artificial intelligence component that can be incorporated into its Armadillo security platform as well as other manufacturers' platforms.

The new development, called Artificial Intelligent Security Officer, responds to the need to control in real time the possible anomalous situations recorded by the thousands of security cameras installed in airports to ensure the security of passengers and the infrastructure itself.

The AI Security Officer is a component of Computer Vision, based on an algorithm that learns autonomously. In just over 36 hours, it completes its "self-training" through the visualization of the contents of all the security cameras at the airport, allowing it to learn to differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior.

From there it becomes a virtual security agent highly prepared to discover any anomalous situation, even those undetectable by the human eye.

Once the incident has been detected, the AI Security Officer sends an alarm to the airport control center, supported by video, where the security agents analyze it to determine whether a situation requiring their intervention is occurring. The incident is also recorded, in case it is necessary to re-evaluate the situation.

The AI Security Officer therefore maximizes the ability to detect anomalous situations, and does so in real time, which substantially increases the reaction time to any alarm situation.

The Artificial Intelligent Security Officer constitutes an additional step to guarantee the level of security of airport installations, adding its high capacity for detecting anomalous situations to the capacity for evaluation of security agents.