Ikusi deploys its Spider solution at Iquique airport to ensure it's quality of services

June 2018

•    This solution is specially designed to address the needs of airports within the concession model
•    It is the third reference of this Ikusi solution in Chile together with those of the airports of Concepción and Santiago de Chile

Ikusi is set to deploy its Spider (IT System to check quality of services) Solution at the Diego Aracena Aguilar International Airport at Iquique, Chile’s 4th largest airport in terms of passenger numbers. It is an integration software application designed to ensure quality in the management and operation of airport infrastructure, where a contractual relationship exists between the public owner and the private company in a concession business model. 

This solution has already been successfully introduced at the airports of Santiago de Chile and Concepción.

With the development of Spider, Ikusi has created the technological framework that addresses this increasingly widespread management model, which entails the need to set up a framework of relations between the public owner and the private consortium. The consortium is of course obliged to fulfil certain quality parameters that the owner (normally government bodies) has to guarantee so that it can meet the international standards established by bodies such as the ACI, the ICAO, IATA, etc.; such bodies are responsible for regulating the context in which the airport business and air transport have to be conducted.

From this perspective, the public owner needs to establish monitoring/audit measures allowing it to make sure that the concessionary company is carrying out its activity in accordance with the quality parameters in place.

Spider, Ikusi’s answer to the new model of airport management

Through the integration of existing data systems, Spider monitors the KPI (key performance indicators) and compares them with the standards or aims specified in the concession contract, such as waiting times, temperatures, baggage arrival times, terminal occupancy, etc.

Spider is an open platform providing the concessionaire (airport manager) with mechanisms designed to improve quality by means of alerts, dashboards, indicator prediction modules and the simulation of what-if scenarios. Likewise, by using the same information as the basis, it provides a view that can be accessed by the concession granter/owner to be able to monitor, in real time, compliance with the indicators stipulated in the contract.