Is Ikusi a good business partner for your company?

May 2018

A central pillar of the business philosophy of Ikusi Airports is the establishment of strategic alliances with other companies to offer a better service to the clients who hire our technological solutions. For this reason, we are always in a continuous search for partners with the aim of generating advantageous agreements for all the participants involved:

  • For companies, to open up new business horizons and achieve higher profit margins.
  • For airport managers, who as a result will receive a comprehensive service that is more adapted to their needs.

One of the most fruitful collaborations is with local partners in specific territories, especially for the marketing of the Dolphin solution, an integrated airport information suite. In these circumstances, the business alliance could jointly offer:

  • The partner’s hardware to communicate the information to passengers, which could involve the sale of hundreds of screens and computer parts to be located in different spaces.
  • The Ikusi Airports’ software for the management of the Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), the Advertising Display Systems (ADS) and the Automatic Flight Attendance System (AFAS).

What types of companies have a lot to gain from establishing a business alliance with Ikusi Airports? Let's take a look at them.


Strategic alliances with horizontal integration partners

The first possibility is to work side by side with horizontal integration partners; in other words, with companies that offer technological solutions valid for different sectors and infrastructures. An example would be a strategic alliance with a supplier of audiovisual installations and lighting systems for major cultural and sporting events or for public and private complexes including airports, whose products and Ikusi’s would be complementary.

Business alliances with vertical integration partners

Likewise, strategic alliances with companies in a specific vertical integration are extremely interesting. In our case, this is with vertical integration partners in airports that offer diverse technological solutions, parallel to those of Ikusi for this same sector. The great advantage of this collaboration is that in this new alliance, each partner obtains new extra products to include in their portfolio, enriching their global offer.

Some of the vertical integration partners in airports with whom Ikusi has agreements as of today are:

  • Dimaim Systems, a Spanish company with a worldwide presence that markets software to manage the operational process data of aircraft assistance equipment.
  • Bayanat, originally from the United Arab Emirates and specialised in topography, cartography and aerial image processing.

Alliances with consulting and engineering companies

Other types of ideal partners to work hand in hand with for the improvement of an airport's facilities and processes are the engineering and consulting firms that develop projects of technological implementation or design of procedures. This would be the case of consultancy firms that install the SAP-ERP system in aerodromes or do airport master plans.