Ikusi at Innovation and Cyber-Security Summit: innovative solutions for growing airports

ENERO 2020

With the aim of addressing the African airport market and publicize their innovative solutions for airports, Ikusi will participate in the Innovation and Cyber-Security Summit to be held from 19 to 22 January in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

At the stand, Ikusi will show its solutions of special interest for many airports in the region that face a growth of their activity and need to incorporate innovative solutions that facilitate this process.

Ikusi's offer is integrated, among other proposals, by FIDS solutions, AODB / RMS, passenger tracking solutions and monitoring processes. Integrated operational solutions of the same technical quality as those used by TIER 1 airports, but which are adjusted to the particularities and competitive needs of TIER2 and TIER3 airports.

Within the portfolio of solutions designed to meet the needs of regional airports, Ikusi will present Beluga. This real-time operations management suite optimizes airport operations and resource allocation. To this end, it automates the management of airport operations, providing optimal solutions for the resolution of complex scenarios and ensuring efficient use of airport capacity.

In addition, at the Innovation and Cyber-Security Summit Ikusi will present its Dolphin information solution that combines flight information with multimedia contents. This FIDS system is the integral and modular airport information solution that helps the Operator to share information with passengers and stakeholders, with the aim of improving operational efficiency, transit and passenger flow, while offering a source of income through the exploitation of advertising resources.