Ikusi presents in ACI-LAC its offer of solutions for the operation of airports

  • Fulmar, for passenger monitoring and tracking, and Spider TAM, for the improvement and optimization of airport processes, among the main proposals.
  • Ikusi will attend visitors at stand 29

Ikusi participates in this new edition of ACI-LAC in Bogota from 19 to 23 October to make known its offer of solutions, this time aimed at airports that address growth processes.

One of these solutions is Fulmar, which Ikusi now presents in an evolved version that combines facial recognition technologies, crowd analytics and Wi-Fi tracking to provide airports with a differential solution for tracking and monitoring passengers. Technologies that allow Fulmar to provide greater precision and lower deployment costs. Thanks to Fulmar, airport managers can know at any time the status of critical points for the operation of the airport such as check-in areas, security filters or immigration. 

The facial recognition algorithm, developed by Ikusi, provides excellent performance, even in the most complicated situations. Crowd analysis technology provides a real-time deep-learning model for crowded environments. Finally, Fulmar connects to the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and monitors passengers along their journey at the airport. This technology, added to facial recognition and crowd analysis, allows the monitoring of passenger flows in areas that do not have sensors.

Among the benefits of Fulmar are the application of facial biometric technology supported by market cameras, the reduction in the number of sensors installed or the possibility of predicting passenger demand by incorporating historical data into the analysis. 

Spider TAM, to optimize and improve airport processes

Another of the demands of airport managers is to have a global vision of the airport in order to adjust the operation and resources to the real-time demand of the infrastructure. 

The Spider TAM (Total Airport Management) platform, developed by Ikusi, makes it possible to establish indicators, alarms and actions, relating data from any system so that managers can make the best decisions based on real-time data. 

Likewise, Spider TAM as a tool for a control center (AOCC) is an innovative solution with a holistic vision, which facilitates the action (and not the re-action) of its managers and operators, and allows the information to be shared among the different stakeholders.

About Ikusi

Ikusi's offer for the airport sector is based on a deep knowledge of the sector, derived from its extensive experience, and on the mastery of technologies that enable the development of solutions and services capable of responding to the changing needs of the sector. 
Ikusi has had the opportunity to validate the effectiveness of its solutions in multiple airports, with solutions installed in more than 140 airports around the world, serving more than 500 million passengers. 
Ikusi is part of Velatia, a family, industrial and technological group of international scope that develops its activity in the environment of electrical networks, electronics and communications networks, as well as in sectors of consultancy, security and aeronautics where safety, efficiency and reliability are valued. Velatia is a team of 3,200 professionals, with offices in 19 countries and 16 manufacturing centers.