Ikusi presents its offer in Passenger Terminal Expo

Febrero 2019

Airports are non-stop infrastructures. They open every day of the year – a continuous activity that takes place in a complex ecosystem, in infrastructures of limited capacity from which maximal performance must be obtained.

Ikusi has designed a complete portfolio of software solutions oriented to providing a response to these challenges in growing airports.

Among other proposals, the Ikusi offer is composed of FIDS and AODB / RMS solutions, passenger tracking solutions and monitoring processes. These are solutions of the same technical quality as those used by Tier 1 airports, even though adjusted to the specifics and competitiveness requirements of Tier 2 and Tier 3 airports.


Coordinating a complex ecosystem

The planning of airport operations is a very complex process. That’s why is imperative to coordinate this ecosystem composed of flights and lots of resources.

In order to solve the difficulties faced by the airports, Ikusi has developed Beluga: the solution for optimizing airport operations and resource allocation.

Beluga automates the management of airport operations, providing optimal solutions for problem solving scenarios, ensuring an efficient use of airport capacity. Beluga is based on AODB/RMS (Airport Operational Database and Resource Management System), which is intuitive, straightforward to use and adaptable to airport processes as the engine for automating operations.

A new dimension in passenger flow management

Passenger monitoring and tracking in real time such that airport managers know the status of the different points critical to airport operation at any given time, like check-in zones, security filters or immigration. That is the aim of Fulmar.

Using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, this solution, that Ikusi is launching to the market, detects patterns enabling airports to optimize the use of their resources and adapt passenger flow to maximize non-aeronautic income.

Ikusi has had the opportunity of validating the efficiency of its solutions in multiple airports, with solutions installed in over 140 airports around the world, providing service to more than 500 million travelers.

Ikusi will present its specialized solutions for the airport business at Stand 4025 of Passenger Terminal, to take place in London from March 26 to 28.


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