Innovating airport management

By Rita Moon, Director Business Development Ikusi in USA ENERO 2020

Operational efficiency and the improvement of the passenger experience continue to be the two main challenges of airports. The good news is that there are technological solutions that respond to these needs.

For example, to address the need of airport managers, operators and planners to obtain information about the status of airport processes in a simplified, orderly and simple way, there are solutions such as Ikusi’s Spider TAM (Total Airport Management) Platform. This platform gives a global image of the airport, a comprehensive, centralized and real-time view of systems related to operations, passengers, baggage and the infrastructure itself. 

Spider TAM monitors and analyses a large volume of data from multiple sources and airport systems using advanced analytical tools, business intelligence (BI) and big data. All these data are visualized and analyzed in the Airport Management Centre (CGA) or the Airport Operation Centre (AOC). This form of airport management translates into multiple benefits such as collaborative operation and better decision making, a global vision of the airport and optimized resources and operating costs. 

Artificial intelligence applied to security
Another concern of airport managers is to ensure the security standards required for this type of infrastructure. In this area too, artificial intelligence opens up many possibilities. Taking advantage of these, Ikusi has developed an artificial intelligence component that can be incorporated into both its Armadillo security platform and into the platforms of other manufacturers. 
The new development, called Artificial Intelligence Security Officer, responds to the need to control in real-time the possible abnormal situations recorded by the thousands of security cameras installed in airports. This component of Computer Vision, based on an algorithm that learns autonomously, completes its self-training in just over 36 hours by visualizing the content of all the security cameras at the airport. 
It is then ready to operate as a highly trained virtual security officer able to detect any kind of abnormal situation, even those undetectable by the human eye.  

A new dimension in passenger flow management
Ikusi has also incorporated the latest artificial intelligence techniques to detect patterns so that airports can optimize the use of their resources and adapt the flow of passengers to maximize non-aeronautical revenue.  
This is where Ikusi's Fulmar solution comes in, which monitors and tracks passengers in real-time, so that airport managers can know the status of the different points critical to airport operation at any given time, such as the check-in areas, security filters and immigration. 
Spider TAM, Artificial Intelligence Security Officer, and Fulmar are just three examples of what Ikusi can provide to airport managers. Proposals that are the result of Ikusi’s experience, with solutions installed in more than 140 airports around the world, serving more than 500 million passengers.