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Spider as an Airport Operational Control Center (AOCC) tool is an innovative solution with a holistic approach that facilitates prompt reaction for managers and operators, enabling data sharing between the different stakeholders, which redound to overall optimization.

Process Control

Spider establishes sets of performance indicators, alarms and actions that allow airports to adjust resources and operations to the real time demand and capacity.

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Spider Pax Flow
Spider Pax Flow

Spider Pax Flow monitors the different quality performance indicators affecting passenger movement during airport ter­minal transit, to know passenger demand at any terminal point and to measure the capacity of each zone in real time, anticipating potential bottlenecks and enabling ope­rators to take pro-active actions. These indicators are obtained by integrating different data sources that Spider Pax Flow transforms into support information for decision-making.  

Spider A-CDM
Spider A-CDM

Spider A-CDM is a powerful tool facilitating detailed monitoring of desired A-CDM milestones, integra­ting different data sources and enabling different stakeholders to have a single global view of the sce­nario, thus achieving greater collaboration and re­dounding to overall process’ optimization. Spider A-CDM analyzes available alternatives and places alternative ope­rator options at its disposal based on ove­rall airport requirements.

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The Ikusi offer for airports is based on in-depth knowledge of the sector and mastery over the technologies that make it possible to develop solutions and services capable of increasing the profitability of airport infrastructures, augmenting process efficiency and raising non aeronautical revenue, while improving security, strategic planning and passenger experience.

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