Ikusi’s Dolphin FIDS system, much more than flight information

By Javier Iribarren Mayo 2019

Anyone who has stepped foot in an airport knows the importance of having up-to-date information about their flight: boarding time and gate, possible delays or cancellations, etc. This information is essential to ensure the orderly, efficient and comfortable movement of passengers through the airport.

To keep passengers informed at all times, no matter where they are in the airport, screens displaying this up-to-date information must be available throughout the entire airport.

In one of the most recent projects that Ikusi was involved with, the new airport in Istanbul which opened last April, 3,000 information display screens were installed. Thanks to the quality of information offered by the system, a correct distribution of passengers is achieved across the airport’s 500 check-in desks and at the more than 140 boarding gates. These figures give an idea of the versatility of the system, in being able to offer constantly updated information in different types of airport environments. 

Ikusi’s FIDS system, widely implemented in the airport market and recognised worldwide, is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of new airport infrastructures and the growing number of passengers. Moreover, Ikusi collaborates with partners of reference in the manufacture of display monitors, such as LG. 

The result of this collaboration is the integration of Ikusi’s FIDS system in the LG information display monitors, without the need to use an external controller.

As regards administration of the system, it offers a number of advantages such as saving time in configuring the content to display on the information screens, more simplified HW installation and maintenance tasks and reduced costs per information point.

Dolphin FIDS, a boost for non-aeronautical revenue

Over recent decades, revenue from non-aeronautical activities has continued to grow in airports worldwide. In some regions, such as the Asia-Pacific, commercial activities now account for more than 50% of total revenue.

Ikusi’s airport information solution has also been designed so that the FIDS system is compatible with an integrated advertising content management module. This makes installation of the system profitable through direct revenue from advertising and indirect revenue as a result of the increased commercial activity generated by advertising campaigns based on flight origin or destination.

Dolphin, Ikusi’s comprehensive airport information solution, allows flight information to be shared with passengers and other airport stakeholders, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and passenger experience, as well as offering the airport an additional source of income through advertising resources.